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Lantern Dancer is located in Pagosa Springs, Colorado and specializes in Contemporary Southwestern Jewelry, including Handcrafted Original Native American Indian Jewelry. We feature Tommy Singer, Calvin Begay, Alfred Lee, Jr, Betta Lee and David Freeland, Jr, Pottery by Dennis Charlie and Norman Lansing, and Fine Art by Claire Goldrick, Rick Unger and Barbara Rosner.
Lantern Dancer welcomes Tommy Jackson jewelry to our store and website!
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Oreland Joe

Handmade, one of a kind jewelry by Tommy Singer
Navajo Jewelry Artist Tommy Singer's newest jewelry creations are titled Mother Earth Collection. They are designed after his 1970's jewelry designs. By mixing traditional methods of jewelry making with new found materials and techniques, Tommy Singer continues to revise his signature style. In the Mother Earth™ collection he is not only the designer, but is personally selecting the highest-grade, cut and polished stones, inlaying them in silver crafted by his own hand. His mastery of materials and years of experience provide him with an opportunity to recreate previous concepts in an entirely new way.Mr. Singer invented the chip inlay jewelry process in the 1960's and is famous for his beautifully designed beadwork, gold and silver jewelry. View his newest jewelry line, Mother Earth designs and his new Premiere Contemporary Designs.

Tommy Singer's Rebirth
The first set in Tommy Singer's Mother Earth Collection, Rebirth. High quality Sterling Silver with Utah Variscite Stones. See this set featured in Cowboys & Indians magazine's September issue, page 38.
Handmade, one of a kind jewelry by Dine Artist Tommy Singer...
reminiscent of his 1970's designs, but with a new fashionable flair! Mr Singer uses high guage silver, 14 karat gold, all natural gemstones, and traditional Navajo silver earthen designs. View his new Premiere Contemporary Designs by clicking here:

Tommy Singer Premiere Contemporary Designs

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View interview video with Tommy Singer

One of a kind, handmade necklace and earring set by Tommy Singer. Necklace has 25 strands of all natural Mediterranean Coral with 14 karat gold and Number 8 Turquoise beads. The silver work portrays traditional Navajo designs of water and mountains. 3" Thunderbird pendant has a large Number 8 Turquoise stone and a Coral stone on top. Silver Earrings measure 3" and have Coral stone. Hook clasp has a Coral stone on each side. This is a one of a kind, rare and valuable masterpiece. Please call us for additional collector's jewelry.
Number 8 Turquoise
Lantern Dancer carries many beautiful selections of high end Turquoise jewelry from US Turquoise mines, including Sleeping Beauty, #8 Turquoise, Pixie, Kingman, Dry Creek and Carico Lake Turquoise.
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Handmade by Navajo Artist Betta Lee. Sterling silver pendant with 100 carat Number 8 turquoise stone. The Number 8 turquoise mine in Eureka County, Nevada was discovered in 1925 and first mined in 1929. Some of the largest turquoise nuggets in the world were found here. The mine was depleted and closed in 1961. Number 8 is famous for it's golden, red, brown and black distinctive spider matrix varieties. It is bright powder blue or green in color. Number 8 is a rare and valuable turquoise.
Lantern Dancer Owner, Doris Green, has hand selected exquisite new jewelry!
See beautiful new selections of jewelry by Calvin Begay, Tommy Singer, David R Freeland, Jr, chandelier earrings, Navajo Pearls, Larimar and inlaid gemstone jewelry in our new jewelry display case. Also see new selections of pottery by Navajo Potter Dennis Charlie. All of our website jewelry, pottery and fine art can be viewed on our new jewelry wall by clicking here:

Jewelry Display Case!

Coral polyps are minute sea creatures that live in great colonies. When they die, their remains build up to form coral reefs, solidifying into a stone like substance. The earliest finding of human use of red coral is found in Mesopotamia, for around 3,000 B.C....
Tommy Singer Singles...
Handmade by Tommy Singer, single strand beaded necklaces. Available in 16", 18", 20" or 22"...